Mompreneurs hire me to create a strategy that allows them to showcase their uniqueness + focus on their strengths + get greater results, so that they can enjoy more time to spend with their children!

Switzerland’s Most Trusted Creative Business Strategist for Mompreneurs

Audrey’s Life & Biz by Design has one key objective:
Help you create a strategy that showcases your uniqueness + make you focus on your strengths, so that you’re at a competitive advantage, all the while allowing you to leverage all digital channels, and tools available for you, mother and entrepreneur, to become a successful digital mompreneur!

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During this webinar we will discuss:

The 12 pillars of successful Mompreneurhood.

How to turn weaknesses into opportunities for growth and success.

How to define the difference between reality and vision.

Your Mindset Shift: Turn your challenges into opportunities.

Life by Design 12-Week Program Essentials

Health & Fitness

You are a mother, you need and want to care for your family, you have dreams, objectives and values. Life by Design’s first task is to focus you on health and fitness, and your general wellbeing. You will need all your strength to ensure that your business venture will be a success.


Life is a challenge! Launching and running a business is hard. Being a mother is a full time job. As a mompreneur, one of the most important qualities you must have is mindset, because mindset will allow you to transcend daily challenges.

Life by Design’s goal is to align your Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual life, and Character.

You will need a clear mind to stay focused and project your aded value to your clients.


Whether we women like it on not, we need to be strong all the time!

We need to be strong for our children, we need to be strong for our whole family. Now we also need to be strong to be successful!

We derive so much strength form Love Relationships, Parenting and our Social life, however the most beautiful things in our lives can also be the most draining. Learning how to manage these is central to success.

Vision & Career

Financial life, Career, Quality of life and Life vision are all intimately connected. Often one cannot happen without the other. Life by Design is about defining your life vision in a manner that will allow you to reach, at your pace, your financial objectives, professional targets and lead the life you were always meant to live.

Life by Design Essentials:

Your Digital Tools & Solutions

We understand how tough it is to grow a family AND a business. Our experts help you out of overwhelm and do the work for you. We help your brand live and become what you want it to be!

Online Branding
Digital & Funnel Marketing
Ecommerce Integration
Video Marketing
Community Building Tools
Online Strategies & Partnerships

Become a successful mompreneur to better care for your family